This subject gets revisited each legislative session. The tired arguments are always the same. If we give vouchers to parents, the kids get a better education and our taxes can go down.

Here’s the back story on how that ‘might should’ work.

Every child in public school has a cost of X. Let’s fix X as $11,000 per year. If we give one child a voucher for $3,000, we reduce the public school costs by a ‘net’ of $11,000 minus $3,000 … or $8,000. So vouchers always save taxpayers money unless the voucher has a ‘value’ greater than the cost per student.

Now, let’s face it. We already have a voucher. It’s worthless. The worthless voucher saves our school system 100% of the per student cost for each child removed from public school and sent to private schools.

So why raise the value of our current voucher to $3,000?