One year ago, the Democratic Congress added over $780 billion dollars to the economy. The economy was deeply into trouble and the Bush passed bailouts either weren’t enough or didn’t work as expected.

Obama et al may have expected too much or built up too much expectations from the additional stimulus. Obama has called the Republicans hypocrites for criticizing the stimulus packages. Why?

When the stimulus projects have ribbon cutting ceremonies, the GOP is there to take credit for saving jobs or bringing work to their districts. Remember when Biden came to Dawson County for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony? Perdue was there bragging about the huge number of jobs to come. Perdue didn’t create nothing with his bragging but the $2 million dollar check was very nice.

So how does a Republican slam Obama for spending money on the same project as Perdue.

Hypocrisy and bitter partisan politics.

We can also be sure the bitter and partisan GOP is pulling for France in the Olympics since Obama is supporting the USA teams in all events.

That includes Nathan Deal who voted against the stimulus before he started spending it. “I am glad to see that money from the stimulus is finally going to good use.”

Yeah, when someone else puts up the courage and the cash, it’s easy to take credit.

Voters should ask themselves, where would we be now without the stimulus? And where do they think we will be because the stimulus expanded technology?