It’s not a prediction. It’s a fact.

The City Council has reached their decision and will rezone McEver Road. Soon McEver will be renamed Peachtree Industrial. It will look like Buford, smell like Buford, and bring the ‘success’ of Gwinnett to sleepy little South Hall.

Council Member Craig Lutz is already pressing Hall County to make “it look more like a corridor” and less like residential.  The residents be damned. The current status be damned. Lutz reported and decided.

It’s a crazy decision. We’re Hall County not Gwinnett. The road signs say McEver Road not Peachtree Industrial. It’s a two lane blacktop road that winds pasts homes and subdivisions, not a sterile four lane industrial corridor.

But Lutz says the city of Flowery Branch can’t annex ‘the other side of the road.” Hall County will have to ‘get that side looking more like a corridor’ to be ready for manufacturing.

More like a corridor. Thanks for making that clear. Privately. To a select few. Like the Chattanooga corporation that owns the land.