Sometimes the news is all bad and nothing can change that.

Economists must change their perspective on the ‘business cycle’ also known as the boom to bust cycle. Especially those nuts, ‘market economists.’

Market economists believe the business world self corrects as needed. Government help isn’t needed nor wanted. Anything done by by ‘outsiders’ can only harm the market. In reality, there is no market and nothing in business ‘self corrects.’

Just look at the phrase, self corrects. Correct implies that a rightness and a wrongness exists. Who in God’s little green earth doesn’t believe that? But what fool expects us to believe that the same forces that create wrongness in the ‘market’ also create rightness in the market?

Only a Market Economist.

Market Economists are a lot like the captain of a  sailing ship without a rudder. With no rudder the captain and the ship depend on the wind to blow in the ‘right’ direction. When it doesn’t, the captain just tells the crew and the passengers, “Don’t worry! The wind will change directions and blow us the right way. If we wait long enough….”

The bad news? These market believers still exist and continue to claim that the wind always returns and blows all of us the right way.

Hot air never blows the right way. It just blows.