As the State Legislature struggles with baggage left over from Glenn Richardson’s version of ‘sex, lies, and videotapes,’ a budget is getting made. A budget that no one can understand.

We’ve looked at several Georgia budget documents from previous years. These previous years are difficult to understand. The difficulty comes from there being no end of the year reconciliation.

At the end of the year, we need a follow up document that shows exactly, by section, where the budget failed. If the budget didn’t meet the revenue goals, the budget failed. If the budget over spent, it failed. And we can bet the budget has been failing.

We need a simple way to check on the failures and see if that is an across the board failure. We also must be told if some funds were moved to cover some expenses.

It is quite possible that the Governor, without any oversight, has robbed your schools to pay for his pet projects.

To ponder our budget problems, here’s an unhappy little story about a doctor. As a student, the doctor borrowed $250,000 for schooling. She’ll be paying on those school loans at least until she is 70 years old. Wells Fargo will get $128,000 paid back on a loan of $36,000. That may or may not include a “fee” of $53,870 that was added to her $36,000 loan in 2007. She defaulted in 2007 and the ‘fee’ was for collection costs.

So don’t complain about the 2 million houses being repossessed this year. The $11 billion being given to Georgia by the United States ‘gov-ment.’ Complain about your property taxes and state income taxes.