Saturdays are the right days to blog. But the news out of Sterling on the Lake was shocking today.

City Council Member Craig Lutz did not speak up for his neighbors Thursday night. Thursday was the Hall County Council meeting and the agenda included sewer. The private sewer for Sterling had to be sold to Hall County. If Hall County didn’t buy the private sewer plant, Sterling on the Lake, Reunion, and Deaton Creek would have had human sewage running in the streets. Instead of raw sewage, Hall County bought the plant and continues to provide sewer service at the existing contract price.

Lutz has been trying to make political hay from that contract price. He says the price is unfair to him and his neighbors. But, when he had a chance to speak for his neighbors, which was Thursday night, he left and played tennis.

So why didn’t the Great Man, Craig Lutz speak up for his friends and neighbors? Tennis? It’s unforgivable that the ‘peoples’ representative took the night off to play Tennis!

Roger Federer must have been in town.

So here’s that shout out to all the small town politicos…. Make the hard decisions. Then live with them. Don’t hide or weasel. If you decided that one game of tennis was more important that 20,000 people that elected you to represent them, say so on your blogs.

Craig Lutz 45, Flowery Branch No Love.