Imagine buying a home and signing a contract that includes a monthly Home Owner Association (HOA) fee. That’s a contract, legally binding and enforceable in court. But, you change your mind later and refuse to pay the monthly fee because other HOA fees in the same county are less. The leaders of the HOA take your land, your house, and throw you and your lying, cheating, two-faced butt out.

And the HOA should do exactly that.

But, the residents of Reunion, Sterling on the Lake and Village at Deaton Creek subdivisions are trying to break a contract made with the purchase of their homes.

“Currently, sewer customers pay a flat rate of $42, inherited by the county when it bought the plant from developer John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods.”

Now these folkes wanted to live in John Wieland Homes and they wanted sewer. They signed contracts. And they have been paying the $42 per month. Reunion’s developer has gone into foreclosure according to the Times.

On Thursday, Compass Bank filed foreclosure notices in The Times against John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods. The bank is seeking repayment on a $23 million loan it gave Wieland to build Reunion subdivision, a planned community that opened in 2001.

Hall County helped delay the collapse of Wieland and bought the Wieland private sewer plant. Now that the government owns the sewer contract, the homeowners don’t want to pay.

Meet your legal obligations ya dead beats. Just like Wieland. On the court house steps if necessary.

And if the Flowery Branch City Council members want to make it a political issue, let them buy the sewer plant back form Hall County.

That exactly the freaken advice Fetterman and Craig Lutz gave on their blogs when some homeowners protested the annexation and rezoning along McEver Road. All I can offer to that group is to let them know that the property is for sale.  If you would like to buy it, the government will not force you to build on it. ” (Posted February 4, 2010)

What’s good for one group of homeowners is good enough for another group.