We’re get to the land deals going down in Hall along McEver and the North Hall Library. But down in Gwinnett the dirt is being dug and people being drug through it.

The AJC covers some of the background on the ‘ground’ purchases now being investigated by a grand jury. Three County Commissioners are accused of ethical violations in the public purchase of park lands. $37 million dollars worth of parks as recently as June.

That’s a lot of money. And lots of dirt. Their were four deals involving three Commissioners. Those commissioners had close ties to the sellers, usually campaign contributions.

Commissioner Kenerly was asked to testify but took the 5th. He wasn’t so quiet in the past.

“’If it’s a piece of property that the county needs to buy, I don’t care if Donald Duck owns it,’ said Kenerly, who voted for all four purchases.”

It sounds like the County would have forced Donald Duck into selling the property.

Let the man squeak like the Duckster and we’ll hope someone sings like the canary. But we’ll never fill the $37 million dollar hole in the county budget.