Carl Rogers is glad to be done with the mid-year budget.  Now maybe he can catch up on the local blogs and whatever else he does when he isn’t robbing this state blind and fighting the temptation to be a Senate Whore.

This year those opposing the budget grew by about 10 votes.  Still not a significant number, but it seems that the Alan Powell  (D-Hartwell) Caucus is growing.  Mr. Powell and other true fiscal conservatives realize that the state problem is one of our own making.  Sure revenues are down, but the state’s deficit ridden budget is a product of unsound fiscal policies created by this administration and the GOP controlled legislature. 

The really funny thing is that this budget will not solve the problem.  The most conservative estimates say that by the end of June revenue collections will be down 1.9 billion from the Governor’s yearly projection.  This mid-year only cut 1.2 billion.  The Governor had to solve the other 900 million on his own.  Our legislature really has only one mandate and that is to pass a balance budget.  How many years do they get before voters finally realize they are incapable of performing this task?