Our blog gets many comments from the community and the blog tries to present information from other points of view. Especially the views not often represented in the local paper, The Gainesville Times.

The Times must create and maintain a specific audience for the commercial purpose of selling ads to businesses and the classifieds.

Blogs don’t have classified ads and no matter the quality or point of view, blogs are on the internet.

The internet remains a place where 50 year-old gay men use chatrooms pretending to be 16 year-old virgin harlots wearing cheerleader uniforms. No uniformity on the internet. Just another example of asymmetrical development.

With the porn industry nearly creating the internet, why do politicians, like City Council Members, visit obscure blogs with tiny audiences?

This very independent blog has no role in the ‘vast left wing conspiracy’ to thwart the personal ambitions of petty politicians. Even the paranoia of Craig Lutz shouldn’t have been triggered by blog content. Politicians are often the subject of blogs. Government policy is often the topic of blogs.

But why comment at a blog creating a ruckus and starting fights?

Post Vietnam masculinity? Warrior mysticism? Quixotic psychosis?

Most likely, a mix of all three.

The idea that Vietnam emasculated the sons of World War vets started when paintball and computer games became a rage for men. The theory has been used to explain male feelings as women become empowered and as frontiers fade.

The Warrior Myth may predate Homer and the Illiad. The basic themes are the never ending youth of victory and the beauty of heroic death. Plus the good guys always win and get the pretty girl. But in the Warrior Myth, the warrior never grows old, a common theme in our era of plastic surgery.

The imaginary Don Quixote and the idea of a timeless quest. Perhaps we should all have our windmills to fight and demons that deceive us.

But reality can be perceived if only once in a while. So here’s the question.

Both Fetterman and Lutz of the Flowery Branch City Council maintain ‘blogs’ as a part of a deal made with voters. Pretty much, “Once I’m elected, I will use my position on the Council to keep you informed via this blog after every official Council Meeting.”

Are Fetterman and Lutz sanctioned to blog as an official voice of the City Council?  If so, why does the Council allow petty attacks on other government officials and bloggers?

Will the Council give an answer or remain aloof from the South Hall Community as in the past?

Certainly the gay men in chat rooms welcome all dialogue and bloggers want readership and comments. But let’s have some ethics. Blog as an official voice in the proper tone or run a political campaign from your home. Or some combination that clarifies the role of government.

BTW, we’re tired of giving good advice on how to campaign and run a local government for free.