Not a big deal to anyone except teachers, firemen, and police.

Karen Handel, GOP candidate for Governor, spent money on salaries while everyone else in government was forced to take furlough days. That’s today story in the Gainesville Times. Nothing new to the Times, either. The Times will only print a negative story about the GOP if the story doesn’t involve names like Deal, Rogers, or K.C. Cagle.

The Times didn’t ask locals for quotes on this selfish and stupid behavior. That’s just the wrong behavior for a local newspaper or  State Executive. Ignoring people hit hard by the worst recession since Moses.

PeachPundit has not one but two biting stories on this topic, both seem to start with a defense of Handel. One attacks House Member Ben Harbin for daring to publicize the audacity. How dare Handel give her staff more than what teachers get. But, the Pundit is usually a good read for back stories and dubious details. Like reminding us that ethics reform failed post-Glenn Richardson. Harbin has a little ethical problem with late night women and early morning driving. Something like that is too soon forgotten by his Republican base.

No one in Flowery Branch still believes that government is the problem. It’s just the people running it into the ground.