Asymmetrical society and good government.

There’s a simple topic for a blog post. The original topic was asymmetrical classes and government. Since the word asymmetrical taxes the brain this early in the morning, we talk about society instead of the bipolar Marxist wedge based struggle between the powerful few and the average many.

The United States is not a class based society. A class based society would have much clearer boundaries between demographic groups. Ah .. uhhmmm. Urban vs. suburban. Working class. White collar workers. Stay at home Moms. Soccer Moms.

We do have membership groups with entry requirements. CPA, PhD, Capitan, General, dentist, doctor, union member. Civil servants. Celebrity. And currently the most exclusive group in our society, the elected, small E,

Our society has public schools to teach the 3 R’s, Reading. ‘Ritting, and ‘Rithmatics, but while teaching these basics, our children learn about the over-arching power of community and devlopement of our particular form of government, unique as it is. A government that provides some mobility between the loosely formed social groups.

The social group with obvious Constitutional protection, and perhaps the only group with Constitutional protection, are religious organizations. A good argument has been put forward that the separation of Church and State has done more to protect ‘faith’ than any government enforced Church. Just poll the general population of our country on church attendance versus attendance in Europe.

Our governments formed from European influence, especially the French political writers who wrote about rights like life and liberty before our revolution against Kings and Councilers.

It is not to argue that our elected have become like Kings or even disconnected from the people. Not here. Not today.

The argument begins with the over-arching purpose to our particular type of government.

There are plenty of slogans and catch phrases. Let’s have none of that in this theme paper.

Society and societies formed without formal documents or lined maps. Leaders rose and fell. Traditions formed. And to put that Marxist spin on it all, we learned that the only value comes from people. Gold has no value to the hungry, the thirsty, or the child nursing at a breast. Nor does any other metallic symbol of social status.

It has been suggested recently that government has only one job. To protect the building of the intangible wealth also known as community. Survival of community has always been the job of leadership. Leadership of family, Leadership of tribes. Leadership of ancient city/states and the leadership of Nations.

Take some time and look up the political meaning of Nation. A good definition will not define a Nation by abstract lines on maps but by membership.

Just a moment for reflection upon what has been built before our time, what we are building with our time, and what we will build tomorrow.