No big surprises to anyone. Foreclosures are up in the area.

All of which makes the Flowery Branch annexation more suspicious. But let’s leave that to the activists in Hall County for now.

Commercial foreclosures are up from January and from last year. Residential foreclosures are up about 30 percent over January and one year ago. February had over 10,000 foreclosure notices according to the AJC.

If we go by data from the current Census data, that would empty every home in Flowery Branch 12 times. If we use information from Wikipedia, Flowery Branch would still be empty of every man, woman, and child. That’s if all the metro area foreclosures were concentrated in the city.

Every member of the GOP may now celebrate the economic failures of Democrats. And open their homes to their newly homeless neighbors, family values and all that. Plus a reminder that if Obama et al caused these economic times, the newly homeless are not responsible for losing their homes. So take them in and keep them.

But, it’s too much to expect the GOP do anything but cut and run from responsibility.

Late Update: UPS is cutting back on pilots … 300 of them are being furloughed.