Just came across this at Fetterman’s official Flowery Branch City Council Blog:

As a resident of Four Seasons and an observer of the proceedings, I found your communication devoid of empathy and respect to all the citizens that voted you into office. How UNGRACIOUS is that?

Communication is 95% body language. I would say 3/4 of the council members seemed to display disrespect for our comments by their facial expressions. There was no leaning forward, there was no sign of trying to comprehend an unskilled speaker and there was no acknowledgment of their concerns.

That would explain ‘Mad Dog’s comments about your sippy cups. Most of our assets, probably much like yours, are a 1/3 less than they once were. Some of neighbors were given a mortgage that they couldn’t afford and weren’t able to keep up with it. We the taxpayers aren’t asked if we want to make investments in banks or car manufacturers but yet WE pay the price.

I know you are probably going through the same frustrations as a taxpayer yourself. The most elegant thing you can do is listen to a man, acknowledge his concerns AND don’t talk bad about him. (Oh yeah, if you didn’t bring enough Diet Coke for the entire class then get rid of it: it’s not polite)”

Ohhhhh, and it was a proper Southern lady  telling the ‘fetterman’ off for not having manners. Well done, Ms. Manners aka Kathy Forte’

NorthGeorgiaDemocrats posted the text of those comments about the sippy cups, luxury seating, and how folks were allowed to have free speech.