Kind of an angry guy, isn’t he? And his comments remind me of a joke about ‘Open Door Management Styles.’

A potential employee gets a chance to ask questions during a job interview. The applicant politely asks about the management style within the office. The manager doing the interview answers, “We all have an open door policy here. But we mostly keep the door closed because of all the noise.”

People don’t laugh much at that joke. It’s too real world. In the real world, the door is open until the complaining starts. Once the complaining starts, the labeling begins. After labeling comes rationalizations.

How about those rationalizations on the Lutz blog. ‘The meeting was everything expected.’ ‘Three groups of people showed up in opposition.’

1. Those who say no to everything.

2. Those who know nothing about everything.

3. And those who just don’t care about anything.

There’s a failed litmus test!

Let’s say it’s good that the egotistical can share their innermost thoughts about the rest of us on blogs. It’s not good that the egotistical don’t allow comments on those same blogs.And it’s just painful to know how the elected feel about the rest of us when we ask for an open door discussion.

Our noise is a fore gone conclusion. Because we don’t know. And we don’t care. And we don’t matter.