The disgraceful ex-Governor of Alaska wants to fire people who use the word “retard.” . There is some common ground to adding this slur to the list of words that shouldn’t be used on TV to describe people. Story

Only Rush Limbaugh is leading the charge to keep ‘retard’ as a slur in the mainstream, liberal, ‘got cha,’ media.

So what if the Palin family and other families feel that the “R” is a”slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities [just like] using the ‘N-word,'”

When a Democrat used the ‘R’ word in private, the conversation became public. Palin slammed the Democrat and called on President Obama to fire the man.

When Rush Limbaugh repeatedly used the word on TV, Palin didn’t call for a dismissal or any punishment of Rush.

Her selective judgment of people is what makes Sarah Palin disgraceful. ‘Selective judgment’ is just a kinder term than calling her prejudiced, self-serving, and a bitch.