Bobby Banks said it best. “We got thrown under the bus.”

Everyone knew that Flowery Branch would go ahead with the annexation on McEver no matter what. And that happened. It happened with the pot calling the kettle black. It happened with promises to listen but no promises to act or react.

Reaction from Hall County Homeowners is yet to be seen. None of them can say, “We’ll see you in the elections.” County residents can’t have a say in the city elections.

One nervous Council Member, Craig Lutz, tried to appease the seething crowd. Only because Lutz wants to be elected to represent the very group he rejected last night. Last night he made a motion to delay. That delay can be and should be seen as a scrap thrown by the feudal Master to the dogs under the dining table.

As the Council sat around the table, ‘sipping on Coca-Colas,’ they made the gap ever wider between government and the people who created community and a people’s government.

People see no need for another commercial zoning along that part of McEver. Pretty little commercial developments squat empty from Buford to Oakwood and beyond. And some very ugly intersections like Friendship and McEver mirror our current commercial landscape. The weeds and dirt are divided by two intersecting roads coming from nowhere and going nowhere.

Our goals in life should not be the accumulation of capital. It should be the creation of the intangible wealth of neighbors, friends, and family.

When will the politically ambitious learn the real goals of life and the true functions of government?