We know what the many flavored Democratic Party thinks about this ‘scum bum.’ Now, thanks to Peach Pundit, we know what ‘good’ Republicans have to say about him.

“I cannot understand why the GOPGA didn’t encourage someone — anyone — to run against him last year.”

“The man has never had an ounce of respect for the military. It showed when he decided to dodge the draft with the most catastrophic knee injury to ever strike a third-string water boy. I still can’t get over the disrespect he had for an honorable veteran like Max Cleland.” says ACConservative.

“The man is a fiscal fraud that has never met pork he didn’t like.”

Please read those comments in context at Peach Pundit.

“He is so incoherent and out of touch.”

“I have been very disappointed with him lately. This just sealed the deal for me. I will not vote for him again.”

“The Shameless Senator lives in a bubble, and is fed this crap by his staffers. He has no depth himself, and is as much an empty suit as Barrack Obama.”