The Gainesville Times has this very favorable piece about Flowery Branch and Brett Barwick. It’s very favorable because it doesn’t reflect the sales pitch being made by Brett on behalf of industrial expansion east of I-985.

A standing room only crowd of more than 80 people signed a petition Tuesday night to oppose the annexation and industrialization of Gaines Ferry Road. That’s a fact not in the Gainesville Times and a fact not being shared by Brett Barwick.

Mr. Barwick became the only supporter of Lutz and the Flowery Branch council’s effort to dehumanize our neighborhoods. Saying, “I’m not here to sell anyone on the idea, but you all should take want is being offered to you.”

In fact, nothing was offered to us. We were told. “Take this and be happy.”

In fact, we didn’t take it and we’re going to oppose it tonight in the city meeting. Those people who think government should be for the people who are here, who were here first, and have done the most to make Hall County a good place to live  are getting the shaft. We should all be at the Flowery Branch meeting, 5517 Main Street, Flowery Branch at 6 pm tonight.