A general meeting will be held this evening to discuss the failures of Flowery Branch and concerns about Council member Lutz.

This blog has almost been taken over with issues in South Hall, streets washing away, sewers that don’t work, and illegal council actions. The council has become a cabal, annexing land and people. Land development can be a way to raise revenues without having to build infrastructure like schools, new roads, and fire stations.

That city management method works in the short term. City homeowners like seeing their town grow. Businesses, new ones, like the low resistance price to new competition.  And property taxes can be kept low.

Until the infrastructure ages. Until businesses age. Until demand for sidewalks, police, sewer, water, fire protection, and education exceeds the tax base. Or, until development crashes like it has in Buford, for example.

People are really fed up with government. And politicians. And over development.

We hope the complaining stops and turns into action. We don’t need Gwinnett like growth and development in South Hall. Flowery Branch does not need to become Buford.

If you get an invite to the ‘Flowery Branch Tea Party,’ please come.