Every one had hoped for huge changes in the Georgia State Legislature this year. Speaker Glenn Richardson was found with his pants on the ground one time too many. We may never know what is meant by ‘pants on the ground’ but it seems to have something to do with showing your ass in public. Former Speaker Richardson showed his ass many, many times. But with a GOP dominated Ethics Commission, the average voter and honest legislators were trampled by a herd of bare asses.

Now the GOP is at it again.

Robert Proctor, an Atlanta lawyer appointed to the Commission’sboard last month is guilty of an ethics violation. And has refused to pay the fine! And when this ‘crime’ was brought into public, says he doesn’t have to pay the fine or comply with the judgement of the Commission.

Proctor claims that he told new GOP Speaker of the House, Burkhalter, about the unpaid fine. Burkhalter told him he still wanted him to take the post. Speaker Burkhalter is refusing to comment.

So the Commission will operate under the new Speaker just like it did under Richardson. See no evil. Hear no evil. And hide GOP evil.

Thanks, GOP.

If there are any honest members of the GOP left in Hall County, speak now or forever hold your Liberal Hating tongues.

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