How about a pay cut for the person teaching your child about our government while their retirement fund also tanks in value? That has to hurt morale. But let’s add salt to the wounds, a Georgia tradition that goes back to slavery days. After slaves were whipped, their owners rubbed salt into the wounds to prevent infection. So here’s how your State just whipped your teachers and rubbed salt in the wounds.

Top investment staffers at the Georgia Teachers Retirement System received pay increases of up to $108,000 last fiscal year even though the fund they manage lost money and most state employees went without raises amid the state’s fiscal crisis.

How about that $108,000 a year raise! No furlough days for the under performers in finance. Nope.

How about we put those bonus dollars in perspective to how much a teacher gets in retirement?

“When you’re giving somebody a bonus that is five times the annual retirement that some teachers who retired in the ’70s and ’80s receive, it just makes your jaw drop. I’m really shocked,” said Tim Callahan, spokesman for the Professional Association of Georgia Educators.

Don’t be shocked when the GOP ignores this outrage but continues to slam Obama and the Democrats bailing out banks and financial CEOs.

We can’t afford the fiscal policies of Republicans under the Gold Dome. They reward employees that lose billions of dollars while they punish teachers and retirees.

The GOP will destroy public education. They have damaged it almost beyond repair now.