We all should try to finish that sentence in the next few days. Our finished written product should be sealed in an envelope until January of next year.

We can predict what will be the end of that sentence in all the Red envelopes.

“If I were in Congress, I’d burn the White House down with Obama still inside, after I broke his arms and his legs.”

The Blue envelopes might not be much better.

“If I were in Congress, I’d give Obama a flying lesson. I’d take him up on the roof of the White House, tell him to start flapping his arms, break his legs to encourage him to keep flapping, then throw him off the roof.”

That’s the general impression people are giving of our President. But as much as Obama gets the blame for the Bush economic implosion, Congress isn’t any more popular.

So, besides passing the buck or leading a general paanic, what one thing should we do?

How about passing a new law that prevents corporations from moving jobs from state to state? Just a temporary freeze, starting today.

We’d love to have some job stability for the middle class to restore some confidence in our futures.

But, that’s just one idea. What’s yours?