We do have some jobs moving into the area. Mostly there are companies closing one office, cutting staff, and reopening in Georgia with fewer employees. That’s just not a winning situation.

Our economy should be viewed as a whole of our nation.

Ohio loses 1400 jobs. Georgia gains 1200. Net loss is 200 jobs. If the Ohio jobs have a higher rate of pay and benefits than the newer Georgia job, another loss to purchasing power. Loss of purchasing power hurts more than people think. Sure the company might gain on the profit side by cutting high cost staff. But the economy loses house payments, car payments, and 401k balances.

Then the price of lost revenue to local businesses and local government. Ohio’s government loses property tax, income tax, and other revenue. If Georgia gave away ‘tax incentives’ to steal jobs, then government revenues just went deeper into the red for two states.

So where is the economic good of relocations? Bad for Georgia. Bad for Ohio. Better for 1200 or less people. Nice bonus for the boss who gets credit for running a tight ship.