Maybe pack a couple small bags.

President Obama stayed the course and pretty much has no choice. His mantra of change, if backed up with support and action, is the only hope for us. Our problems started as recently as 2002 when some financial gurus started loudly predicting the end of the world. Again.

Our world isn’t going to end this week. Next week. Or in the next four years. But we might not recover to the Bush era of all rosy forecasts. No one wants false hope. Again.Either of the Obama-moma mania type or the Bush/Cheney cabal.

The public doesn’t remember 1981 when Reagan took office. He took office as the economy was improving. The improvements didn’t last. The 1983 recession lasted longer than any other since 1929. Do the Reagaholics remember that? No.

Obama took office in a crisis. Huge amounts of money were being given away to boast confidence, not bottom lines. It worked to stop a crisis of confidence, a crisis of credit, and  a flood of red ink on bottom lines.

Are we safe? We’ve never been safe. In a small world and we are in a small world, we will never be safe from natural disasters, the terror of murder, or the follies of capitalism.

If you’re Democratic, don’t panic. If you’re Republican, remember Reagan didn’t fix nothing until after 1983.