So the GOP is calling for legislators to take more furloughs. In fact, in total legislators will be furloughed more days this fiscal year than most state workers.

The difference is the furloughs are not mandatory. These are voluntary. Our state legislators so sympathize with state workers and the citizens of Georgia they are willing to bear some of the pain.

Bullshit! Our State Legislators work a contractual 40 days per year. For all other days they get a per diem of approx. $170. If you are a chairman, you can work an unlimited amount of days, show no receipts, and still get paid. Furloughs for State Legislators is like the idea of the captain going down with the ship. It is probably a good idea, but if the ship stills sinks your ass still gets wet.

Oh and to the ones that didn’t voluntairly take the furloughs, it will cost you politically, but at least you had the balls to cry bullshit; however, you should have said, “Hell no we won’t take furloughs because it is illegal to give contractual state workers furloughs. We further encourage teachers to sue for breach of contract.”

Hey, republicans, quit giving us the sob story of how hard this is and get to work.

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