We’re not sure if K.C. Cagle understood job creation when he proposed a task force on job creation. The only jobs likely to be created will be the jobs on the task force . Cagle should have called the task force Czars for Jobs. Then, when the Cagle Czars get done wrecking the fragile remnants of the economy, we could take them out and shoot them Russian style.

Odd ideas are floating around the Gold Dome. The Gold Dome. Maybe we should strip the metal off and sell it? Republicans are ready to sell your children and environmental bonds to avoid raising taxes on cigarettes or reversing $1.2 billion in special business tax breaks.

Who had the bright idea of selling our children? A Market Economist who says he predicted the current economic crisis way back in 2002.

Oh those believers in the Invisible Hand of the Markets! Should we also open our borders to illegals? Why, YES! We should!

The exact quote was that we should not “cooperate in the persecution of illegal immigrants.” Do these Market nut cases think illegal immigrants bring a job with them as they travel?

This group of people are more like migratory workers who are drawn to economic good times and leave when the good times end.

And our children? Education doesn’t create jobs.

We’ve got education coming out of our ears. We’ve got more people going to college than at anytime in the history of the United States. If education created jobs, then there would be more jobs than we have people.

So we should take our kids out of school since it doesn’t create jobs. And put them to work to support their parents and families.

Our children can get some of those jobs being brought across our borders by those illegal immigrants.

Seems like the discussion wasn’t about creating jobs at all. None of these ideas suggest new industry, innovations in existing enterprises, or create a new segment to our economy.

Mostly business leaders want the cheapest, most uneducated, and unexperienced work force possible. And the Market Nuts are always willing to lend an economic opinion.

If these ideas are put into place by the GOP, the party of business, and the ideas don’t work, what then?

Will we be asked to eat our children to survive?