Flowery Branch Council member Lutz made public what most have known for months. Or years.

He has great political ambitions. And he’s going to run against another Republican to feed his ambitions.

Having met Lutz, he’s a very good candidate for a Beauty Pageant especially with his message of World Peace. He’s one half of Sandra Bullock – Gracie Hart in Miss Congeniality, the half that wants to be one of the smiling insiders. The other half of the Gracie Hart’s character is being played by Council member, Fetterman, who’s going to kill anyone who hurts one of her friends.

Why say this painful and hurtful thing? Here’s a Lutz quote from the Gainesville Times, “I believe I can help bring peace and cooperation between the county and municipalities.” Not exactly Gracie Hart’s World Peace. Maybe more messianic since the movie just wanted peace and Lutz is going to bring our county out of chaos and friction.

Where is the proof of all this friction? Flowery Branch of course. Mostly in Sterling on the Lake where expensive homes were built on postage stamp sized lots. And where the ruling majority of the city council live. But also in the very streets of ‘The Branch.” Especially Spring Street where an uninsured culvert was washed away by an Act of God.

Lutz wanted Hall County to pay for the repairs and the county dared to say No! The audacity…

But let’s commend Lutz not condemn him for bravely outsourcing or trying to outsource the liabilities of aging infrastructure. And for outsourcing the responsibility “for development and implementation of a plan … for promotion of tourism, conventions and trade shows in [Flowery Branch].

We admire ambition and over reaching Mr. Lutz. We admire your goal of ending friction between county government and city government even as you compete with all the rest of Hall County for “tourism, conventions and trade shows.”