The Times headline says: “Hall Leaders Want Sales Tax Glitch Fixed”.

Headline should have read: “Local Republican Politicians Need Democratic Idea to Solve Revenue Problems.”

What am I talking about?  Our local governments want to collect their own sales tax which in turn could save a billion dollars in revenue.  Sounds like a great idea, but it was sponsored last year by Rep. Virgil Fludd, a democrat.

This year our local Hall county leaders met with legislators to ask this legislation to be passed.  What was their response:

Rep. David Knight (R-Griffin), the secretary of the Ways and Means Committee, said there are legal issues to overcome in order to disclose tax information.

Cop-out.  Dubose Porter (D-Dublin) counter his argument by saying:

House Minority Leader DuBose Porter, who in 2009 introduced a bill that would allow local governments to collect their own sales taxes, said there should not be a problem publicizing whether or not a company has a business license and a sales tax number.

“That’s information that should be available now,” Porter said. “I’m talking about simply collecting what’s already been taken from consumers.”

Porter believes if the Department of Revenue had acted faster, the additional money from accurate collections would have been enough to reduce the state’s budget crises this year.

James Mills (R-Chestnut Mountain) said:

Until all the information is processed, it’s hard to make a definitive decision on what’s best.

Wow.  Another cop-out.  You have the information.  Do your job.  (Personal Note to James:  “I know you were born in a round house, but GOOD GOD MAN, MAKE A DECISION.)

The money quote came from Dubose Porter:

This is a way to raise a substantial amount of money without raising taxes simply by sharing information and resources and collecting money that’s already been paid by the consumer,” Porter said. “Because they’ve dragged their feet, we’ve had teacher furloughs.

Now, we know that Carl Rogers reads this blog, and we know that Chris Fetterman reads this blog.  My question to both is:  Which party seems more sympathetic to your plight? and How long will you continue drink the lemonade before you realize it is just piss?