As you may know, Governor Sonny Perdue rolled out his latest initiative to reform Georgia’s public schools.  Perdue is struggling to improve Georgia’s public school system by making it first in student achievement and last in dollars spent per pupil.  This plan is expected to be greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm by GOP lawmakers, but one GOP member is railing against Mr. Perdue’s reforms.

State School Superintendent Kathy Cox says that Perdue’s plan eliminates the state’s ability to help our students.  

Perdue’s idea to eliminate RESA’s will be one of the most drastic measures ever.  Never heard of the Regional Education Service Agencies, here is what they do.  They provide services to a region of local school systems that would be cost prohibitive to do individually.  In other words, ending this program will not save money but instead increase education cost.  The difference is that local systems will now bear the brunt of this expenditure instead of the state. 

Never been one to put much stock in conspiracy theories, but more and more I believe that the GOP’s plan is to make public education fail so that vouchers will be necessary. 

Sonny Perdue and the GOP are like rapist that use condoms.  I guess we should be thankful for something.