Some of the crazies over on the “not so far right” are holding a Tenth Amendment Summit. The summitteers are charging $50 admission. Lots of luck with that. In true Republican fashion, Day One of the Summit is behind closed doors for politicians only.

Having sampled some of the ideas of this group, it’s the ‘right’ time to discuss the first ten ratified amendments to the Constitution.

We know these are the “Bill of Rights” even though there is no legal document entitled the Bill of Rights.

Summitteers know the “Bill of Rights” was titled the Bill of Rights.

We know the amendments were not introduced to Congress until long after the Constitution was written.

Summitteers know it was written at the same time as the Constitution.

We know the Congress considered 17 articles as amendments to the Constitution./

Summitteers know there were only ten.

We know that 12 amendments were sent from Congress to the States for ratification and only 10 ratified . And they were not ratified until December 1791.

Summitteers know the Bill of Rights was ‘passed’ secretly with the Constitution.

So much for Summitteers. I doubt they know the original wording for what has become the 10th Amendment.

Nor will they ever refer to the wording in “Article the Third,” Congress shall make no law establishing religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, nor shall the rights of Conscience be infringed.”

All 17 proposed articles can be seen in the Library of Congress collection online.