Nathan Deal waited all of two hours to claim victory in last night’s debate.  Maybe seeing it live would help, but frankly Deal embarrassed himself.  Of course if you don’t believe me, check out Jason Pye’s live blog.

My favorite moment (as well as almost all people watching) was Austin Scott calling Deal out for being a birther, and then watching Deal blame his craziness on his constituents.

I promise I’ll be respectful of our president. I’m going to support him when I think he’s right, and I’m going to oppose him when I think he’s wrong. But the ability to work with the president and the leadership on the national level is hindered when you have people who are running for governor that are calling for childish things like the president to show his birth certificate.

Deal’s response:

I think that is a reasonable proposition, and certainly something I think the president should respond to, although at this point, he has not…

Deal’s 10:00 p.m. email went on to say:

Deal demonstrated why his proven, conservative experience uniquely qualifies him as the candidate to stop President Obama Barack Obama where he can and lessen the pain Obama inflicts on Georgians at the national level with lower taxes, less government and a stronger economy here at home.

Hey Nathan, you are running for Governor, not Senator (you should consider that).  As Governor, you are going to need the Obama administration every time we have a tornado or an ice storm.  Your second statement doesn’t make sense.  Unless you are calling for secession from the federal government.  Oh that’s right you probably are.