With budget hearings set to begin today, the real question is will the GOP rubberstamp Perdue’s FY 10 recommendations. 

Hall County is lucky that we have three members on the House Appropriation Committee.  Of course with statements like the one Carl Rogers made today:

Although Rogers and Collins said they have yet to take an in-depth look at Perdue’s proposal, Rogers said he is taking the budget a little more seriously this year. (MY EMPHASIS ADDED)

“I have visited three state agencies on-site — I’ve never done that,” Rogers said. “And I wanted to see — I’ve listened to them for the last 10 years talk about numbers — but I’ve never been on-site. … In good times, we’re rushing to do it, but in times we’re in right now, it helps to see what they’re doing and what personnel, what people are there.”

It is hard to tell if that is good luck or bad.  Maybe if he would have taken it a little more serious the last 7 years, we would not be in such a mess.  Rogers needs to take a cue from James Mills.  If you don’t know anything, then don’t say anything.

Mills, of Chestnut Mountain, did not return a call from The Times seeking comment.

Of course for the first time, legislators have a gun to their head so to speak.  Education official cannot make decisions about the three furlough days until the mid-year adjustment has passed.  That could be late February to early March.  in most systems, there are only 3 non-instructional days left.  Will legislators really vote to give kids a day off from school?  The answer is yes. 

IMHO, the GOParanoid are working overtime to make sure public schools fail.  Of course to do this, you have to pretend that you are for reform, but when that reform fails then the only option left would be a voucher system.  Now that would save some money. 

If the state were to end the public school system, it could save nearly 8 billion a year.  Now, that wouldn’t be a complete savings.  First GOP lawmakers would have to pretend that a voucher system could satisfy the Georgia Constitution’s guarantee to a Quality Basic Education.  Second, they would have to decide the fair voucher value per child.  Sounds far-fetched I know, but did you really think Perdue would be this bad a Governor. 

Here is hoping cooler heads prevail.