As you know the weekend is a the when politicians “throw out the trash.”  This weekend Left missed some doozies.  In case you missed them here they are:

Two top GOP contenders for Georgia Governor took out 1/4 million dollars loans for their campaign.
(Given Deal’s fundraising problems from the last reporting period, I’d say he is out.)

Mike Evans has dropped out of the District 9 congressional race.
Mike says that he needs to pay more attention to his own financial health. I say Evans knows that lobbyist have little chance of getting elected in this climate, and I also say the 9th district is better off.  Evans was one crazy SOB!

We didn’t completely miss this one but: Ralston announced new committee assignments.
Not a whole lot of change here.  The hawks are gone.  Ehrhart and Scott are gone.  Englund gets rewarded, but Mills and Harbin stay put.  Looks like the rearranging of deck chairs on the titanic to me.

Perdue released his budget numbers and state workers take a big hit. 
Also, the numbers don’t add up, but the GOP never was good at math.  The good news is that the GOP may actually get what they were hoping for a 2011 budget that is smaller than the 2004 budget.  For all the complaining the GOP did during the 90’s about bloated budgets, why do they find it so hard to decrease spending outside of education.

Well, I think that is about all.  We will try to do better next weekend.

h/t: Icarus, Blake Aued, Aaron Gould Sheinin