The official announcement will come on Wednesday from the Georgia Speaker of the House. Mills is long overdue for replacement as Chair of Banking. We can wait a few more days.

Another drunken wife beater, Ben Harbin, is being retained if we go by word on the ‘street.’ Harbin didn’t actually beat his wife, He just forgot to invite her and the family to “Family Day” at the Gold Dome. Seems Harbin had spent the night with a lobbyist, was too drunk to drive home, and hit a telephone pole that was walking down the middle of the street. Harbin just chairs Appropriations. Which is very much like chairing banking. Access to money and power and influence.

We don’t need more of the same under the Gold Dome when it comes to spending our money on Sonny’s Go Fish for Pork projects. We don’t need Mills as a syncopated mouth piece for bankers for another two years.

Another far more interesting change came as Austin Scott resigned as a committee head. Scott resigned because he felt he could not fairly serve the State while running a state wide campaign for governor. After all, a Committee Chair has to work year round, not just the 40 days of our part time legislature.

Harbins and Richardson were and are part time legislators and a full time scum bags. Let’s hope Austin Scott’s leadership rubs off on a few more people. Leadership is about actions. Talking about ethics isn’t action.