Looking at the news, it seems that most bad political news comes out on Friday. Waiting to blog about the news makes our blog stale. But isn’t the real purpose here to get the less desirable facts out in the ‘sunshine?’

For example, I just learned that the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce does the marketing for SPLOST programs. No wonder the Chamber has control of government speakers as fundraisers, like the recent State of Hall County Address, $15 per head for non-Chamber members.

Agreed, we didn’t learn much at the address. We could have predicted these statements made by Oliver:

“We’re going to put a stress on jobs this year.”

“We going to put stress on water sources for the future.”

“We can’t expect help from state government.”

“We expect help from our legislative delegation.” [There’s another conflict that’s been pointed out. Government is bad for us expect when government is good for us.]

“Revenue will hopefully be up this year instead of down like last year.”

“We need a revitalized downtown.” [Well, don’t rezone residential property and then give commercial development permits to cronies.]

Sadly, of all our posts this week, this one will be read the least. Why? It’s Friday and we just get worn out by more bad news.