The Chamber again put on a nice meeting for the South Hall Business Coalition at Mulberry Creek Community Center. If you have not been to the center, access is free for the indoor walking track and the workout center until February 1st. Then it looks like just $10 a month for adults after that. Try getting that deal from a private industry fitness center.

Splost! Splost! Splost! That was the most used word this morning. It would seem Hall County’s quality of life would be that of a pig pen without dollars from Splost. That’s the Special Local Option Sales Tax. We’ve had several of those it seems.

We heard about getting a tracking system on locally collected sales taxes. Seems all of our county businesses send 3 cents of the sales tax to the state. Then the state decides how much to send back.

The Commissioner is right. We should know how much is collected in sales taxes.

The light breakfast was provided by Cool Beans, the great little coffee shop on Mundy Mill.

We have a video of the event if anyone would like to see it.