You have got to hand it to Republicans.  They know how to brand things. From Pro-Life to Death Tax, it is hard to be against their positions in a positive way. 

Now, I am about to head off into a field of which I know little, but can anyone name a private sector non-commissioned job that actually has pay for performance. 

The reason I ask is because I can’t think of any employer that has two employees assigned to the same task with the same amount of experience and education and gives them a disproportionate amount of pay.  

Well that is what Governor Perdue would like to do with education:  

“Our current system only incentivizes the degree, not the degree to which students learn,” said Governor Perdue. “We must encourage our best and brightest to enter the teaching profession and must reward effective teachers in order to retain them in Georgia classrooms. Student achievement must be our driving force, and our compensation model must reflect that focus.”

Not quoted in that article was Perdue’s statement that he would like to see teacher’s getting paid the same as National Championship College Football coaches.  Let’s see Nick Saban’s total salary for 2009 – 2010 season was $3.9 million.  We have almost 100,000 teachers in the state of Georgia.  That would be 390 billion dollars in teacher salaries for one year.   

Currently the state of Georgia spends approximately $4 billion dollars on salaries and most people who vote the GOP ticket think that is too much.  Besides when you figure that our state revenue is only 17 billion dollars for this current fiscal year, you got to be thinking what the hell has he been smoking.  

Okay so Perdue used a little hyperbole and besides not everyone will achieve the highest rate of pay.  What is so wrong with paying someone based on their performance?  The answer is nothing if you can determine how to competently rank performance within your organization.  

Here is when someone needs to say that in the private sector if you don’t perform you get fired.  Go ahead say it.  It isn’t true.  Everyone knows someone in their company who is incompetent.  In most cases, it is your immediate supervisor, but if it were true, then why not start getting rid of incompetent teachers.  Great idea, but the last Governor tried to and was given the boot for taking “tenure” away from public school teachers.  

So is Perdue’s plan worth the paper it is written on.  Nope!  First of all anytime the GOP writes an education bill, you can almost be certain that it will be long on message, short on content, and very likely if passed will cause more trouble than it is worth (i.e.  NCLB, IE2).  Second, anytime a Governor presents legislation that actually will come to fruition outside of his term of office is worthless.  Third, if Perdue says it you can pretty much guarantee the legislators aren’t buying it.

Someone please tell Perdue he is term limited.  He doesn’t have to lie to get reelected this time.