Investors who have been burned by Wall Street brokers are taking control of their investment futures. Wall Street brokers couldn’t see the housing crisis coming and helped cause the crisis. Psychics now will direct a huge amount of 401(k) funds and IRA’s as investors look more towards the future and less towards past performance.

While psychic investment will gather a chunk of investments, monkeys are also in play.

In a recent survey of Wall Street brokers, brokers were asked, “Are your chances of becoming rich better with a broker, a psychic, an economics professor, or a monkey with an ink pen circling things in the newspaper?”

The monkey method was the choice of professionals by a margin of 4 to 1. When asked why a monkey, the monkey is the only one willing to take the risk in this market.

Despite the obvious humor, Georgia’s taxpayers have been using the monkey method since 2003. The Legislature debates this method forty days every year.

Expect this years debate to question the intelligence of the monkey with a strong push being made for using Bulldogs and Bees.

However, monkey business under the Dome will continue at least for this year.