New editorial that covers the lack of panic by the White House after the failed attack on Flight 253, aka the Boxer Bomber or maybe the Panty Package that didn’t bring the heat.

The Chicken Little gene apparently runs very strong in the Cheney family’s DNA. After proving his toughness to everybody in Vietnam, Dick Cheney spent much of the post-9/11 era hiding in undetermined locations and bunkers, where the sky couldn’t fall on him. Now out of office, Cheney remains concerned that so many of his fellow Americans aren’t as terrified by al Qaida as he is. Together with his daughter Liz, he is always trying to turn that terror dial all the way up to 11. The Republican establishment, sadly, seems content to follow their lead on such issues, echoing the Cheney line at every opportunity.

Daughter Liz has also joined with another prominent Chicken Little, Bill Kristol, to form a group called “Keep America Paranoid Safe.” The group recently released a new TV ad condemning the response of President Obama to the recent attempted suicide bombing of Northwest Flight 253, suggesting the president was insufficiently panicked.

In war, panic can be our worst enemy. But our heroes had calm, cool heads under pressure like a Colonel saying “Nuts’ when asked to surrender during the Battle of the Bulge.

Maybe the Cheney’s want a Nanny Society led once again by the Chicken Littles of the GOP. Or maybe we don’t remember people like Saxby Chambliss taking credit for stopping the Shoe Bomber, Reid. But maybe Bookman is right. We don’t need to panic everytime a terrorist plot fails.

We need to be calm and well measured in our reactions to threats. Let the failed leaders like Bush and Cheney handle the rush to panic. They have all the time in the world to regret not stopping 19 suicidal terrorists.