Campaign contribution reports are now online. The  numbers aren’t that surprising.

Let’s not pick on the GOP’s bottom feeders but Eric Johnson didn’t raise enough money to stay relevant in the Governor’s Race for 2010. Jeff Chapman also got a lump of coal from Santa’s Campaign Helpers in December.

On the other hand, two Democratic candidates, Baker and Barners raised over $3 million! That’s more than twice what Handel, Deal, Chapman, and Johnson raised together.

Barnes reported raising over $2.6 million in his December 31 report.

That is twice the amount raised by GOP front runner, the OX, aka John Oxendine. Even with the OX included, Barnes raised more money than the well known names Republican names in the Governor’s Race.

Our thanks to former Speaker Glenn Richardson and our lame duck Governor, Sonny ‘Gone Fishin’ Perdue.