The Gainesville Times has a great article on ethics reform and gifts from lobbyists to legislators.

 Unfortunately, they left out one of the most egregious offenders.  James Mills has accepted gifts from the Georgia Realtor’s Association and the Georgia Banker’s Association.  Both groups have paid for he and his family to take trips.  One trip was so nice that he forgot that his grandfather died while he was gone.  Mills claims that he missed the Lake Lanier Association forum because his grandfather died; however, the truth was he was on a vacation to California paid for by the Georgia Banking Association.  One minute looking at campaign disclosures and old news articles would have revealed this to reporter Ashley Fielding.  Left on Lanier was proud to see the report mention the lobbyist gifts to Rogers and Collins, but come on share the love.  They ain’t the only crooks in town. 

 The affairs between lobbyists and legislators are almost as old as the world’s oldest profession, and the unbridled love affair between our local news agencies and Rep. James Mills is getting equally old.  Here’s hoping that this year we can eradicate both viruses, but I seriously doubt anything will change.