Was going to post this yesterday, but our preclosing due to the blizzard preempted me…

Congratulations to Peter King…He is our first nominee for asshat of 2010.

What did he do? Oh, he simply suggested that if Obama would just use the word terrorism more, then that would improve our response to terrorism.

Here, let him speak for himself.

So here are the stats on Obama’s use of the word terrorism.

1. 70 examples of remarks by the President mentioning terror or its derivatives.
2. 83 statements or releases.
3. And 64 press briefings.

Just one more thing Rep. King. We have tried the cowboy talk before. That was done by the only President to allow a successful terrorist attack on American soil. There may very well be another such attack, but I promise this administration will do more than talk about it.

Congratulations Peter, not only are you named after a dick, now you are acting like one.