In which we praise Icarus, as Rep. Deal has officially sent the letter to President Obama questioning his own birthright:

You have decided to go all in with “crazy” by deciding to question the legitimacy – in every way that word has meaning – of a sitting President.

You don’t want it to be news because you just want the World Net Daily readers to know that you’re really one of them. But you want the more mainstream voters to know you’re a normal mainstream establishment Republican.

We already have a candidate that has cornered the market on being all things to all people, and he was pulling as hard as he could for UGA to beat Michigan State on New Year’s day.

You’ve had a great career Rep. Deal. Save the dignity you have left and please get started on your retirement.

Well said. There is sadness in Deal’s actions.

Formerly, Deal was praised as one of the more reasonable members of the Georgia delegation. Sadly, no more.

You’re corrupt, you’re mindless, you’re spineless, and we don’t need your services anymore. Good day,sir.