With the new year, some changes are in store.

First, you’ll see a handy contact button on the right sidebar. If you need to contact us, this form goes straight to our email inbox.

Second, I’ve removed many of the other buttons on the sidebar (education, media, etc) because, frankly, no one clicks on them.

Third, I’m thinking about starting up an email newsletter for delivery once a week or so. I don’t want it to be a rehash of the blog posts, but more dynamic content that is appropriate for selective viewers. Rumors? Upcoming events? Not sure if we have enough info to justify the added work, so it’s simply a thought.

The blog had a lot of growth in 2009. Our second largest traffic month ever was in December, and I want to take advantage of the momentum while not changing things so drastically that it turns off the casual viewer who checks us out every few days. I want to encourage the growth, however (hence, the contact form).

Another issue? We’ve never had an archive on the site. Older posts are only accessible through the “search” function on the sidebar or through Google. I’ve always believed that a blog should be immediate and that posts from 10 months ago were of little importance. I’m curious if a more easily obtained archive of older posts might drive further hits to the blog- or at least make people linger longer.

Suggestions welcome.