News flash at the Gainesville Times online edition. Our 9th District Congressman is unhappy with government. Poor man. He is the government! Or that’s what we should expect from a Congressman.

But to give the great man his due, he’s unhappy with being shut out of government by the Democrats in Congress. Seems the GOP minority isn’t ‘calling the shots’ behind closed doors anymore.

The very small irony in Congressman Deal’s moving and emotional statements? He made them at a closed to the public event held today at the Hall County Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you, Nathan Deal. You’ve made it very clear that GOP government will always be done behind closed doors. Just like the GOP handling of the Richardson Affair in Atlanta and the Cheney secret meetings with Enron type CEOs to make energy policy.

So don’t expect the voters to have empathy, Mr. Deal. With your closed door meetings, Tom Oliver’s decision to make a State of Hall County Address for $15 per head and by reservation only, and Sonny Perdue’s efforts to hand pick an ‘appointee’ to Speaker of the House and Secretary of State, who do you expect to feel sorry for you? The voter’s put the GOP out of power.

As for me? You can kiss my grits. So can anyone that enables your closed door government.