Reading the self-serving blog of Flowery Branch City Councilman Fetterman, one could get the impression that Hall County is stealing the red off his candy. Or is it the bread off his table?

But Fetterman says he has two children. If those children are in Hall County schools, Fetterman needs to lick a few boots.

Hall County spends around $7,700 per year for his children to attend school, if they attend public schools. Times two is $15,400! Times 13 years is $200,000! That would be 2 children attending Hall County schools from K-12.

So how about it Mr. Flowery Branch? Are you paying $16,916 a year in Hall County school taxes?

If not, and you’re not, and if you have two children in public schools, would you mind making out a check to Hall County? Certified funds, please.

When the County gets that check, we’ll help you work out a lower sewage rate for Sterling on the Lake if you’d like.