I lost my wallet a couple of days ago. And it took me a day to realize it was missing. I looked everywhere. Then, I called Chili’s where I had eaten lunch. Yes, they had my wallet and had been trying to reach me. I have an unlisted phone number so they could not reach me.

When I went to pick it up, all my money was still in the wallet. I offered a $20 reward for the employee that found it. I figured that was cheap since a dishonest person would have taken every cent before turning the wallet into management.

Nope. I couldn’t give away $20 to reward honesty. The best I can do now is say Thank You again in this forum. I’m sure people know how hard it is replace items in our wallets. If my money had been gone, I would have been okay to just get my stuff back.

So here’s to the employees and possibly a customer at Chili’s. Someone learned the value of honesty and carries it as a lesson to others. And here’s to the Management at Chili’s. Thank you for keeping a culture of honesty among yourselves and your staff.

I promise to tip better in the future. Thanks again.

Lake Lanier-Chili’s
669 Dawsonville Hwy.
Gainesville, GA 30501-2611