The hard working people at Chili’s are honest. Maybe we can get them to run for office.

At the Eggs and Issues Breakfast, Cagle and our Hall County GOP delegation bragged about cutting $5 billion dollars from the budget without cutting needed services. Bullshit. Read the Budget documents that are online.

And let’s have some fun with the budget documents

How about these increases? Cagle got another $40,000 for his office. The Senate got another $360,000. The House bit off another $855,000. Just $1.3 million among friends. But let’s not stop there friends. How about another $600,000 for “ancillary activities?” And a $41,000 cut for the “fiscal office?” Sounds like one of our ‘friends’ got fired in the fiscal office which is the bookkeeper and comptroller for the Legislature. And while our ‘friends’ are cutting money for bookkeeping, let’s cut some money for audits. Oh, let’s say $212,267? Five jobs gone. Maybe six jobs. People that audit the budget.

Another million dollars for ‘our elected elites’ and a quarter of a million in cuts for fiscal controls. Hmmm.

How about cutting $2 million from the State Accounting Office by moving accountants to the Department of Administrative Services? Done. Why are we moving all these audit and bookkeeping functions around?

Department of Education should be a very interesting read starting on page 126. First a cut of $1.1 million to get rid of academic coaches. They must have been worthless after the election. Remember the campaigns pointing to academic coaches as the real reason Georgia Schools are improving? Elections over. Cut 19 of the coaches. Now.

Dropout Prevention, cut it a million. Let them drop out.

Foreign Language? Eliminate the whole program.

High Performing Principals? Cut them $300,000.

Ops! Those poor Academic Coaches get the ax again on page 128. Line 6, $300,000. Line 7. $400,000. Line 9. $1,000,000.

But we hired 11 Math Mentors for $1.337 million. Mentors must be way better than Coaches at $121,000 per year. Or did we count the cuts in Coaches twice?

Education got another cut in the Central Office. The documents show a cut in the Central Office budget of $427,916. Very Frugal. But the Federal government increased funding for the Central Office by $15 million. Oh Damn Them Yankees.

Local Five Mill Share was just cut $147 million dollars. Hmmmm. Somebody felt that in their checkbook. Property owners?

Some one must have said, Let’s cut some money from the National Science Center and Foundation. All they do there is promote Math and Science and Technology. Our students don’t need any of that. $666,750 cut.

Here’s the real kick. Revenues in 2005 were $18 billion, in 2006 $19.8 billion, and 2007 $19.7 billion. And every penny was spent? Or did it go under someone’s mattress?

Revenues from property taxes increased from $72 million in 2006 to an estimated $78 million in 2010. Really? National crisis in housing and our state budget makers think property tax receipts have increased. There’s right thinking.

Estate taxes were cut $13 million dollars. No one missed that money, not even the dead. After all, the GOP calls it the Death Tax.

Corporate taxes are expected to fall about a half a billion dollars. Ouch! That’s some real money lost. But the state’s lawmakers still expect $18 billion in revenues for 2010. Still a couple billion more than Cagle said.

In 2008, the budget documents are showing a Shortfall Reserve of a billion dollars. Didn’t that get spent?

In 2010, appropriations, spending, will be $18.5 billion dollars, only a cut of $400 million from 2009.

Someone needs to audit these public numbers.