The federal government has been funding a huge part  of the Georgia recovery. The information is being posted online at

At last tally, the state has benefited from $4.195 billion in bailout money.

The numbers for Hall County might be more interesting. The Gainesville School System has almost $5 million in pending grants. Actually, $4.906 million. Although when looking at the details of the grants, none of the money seems to be spent in Gainesville. So did the System get the money?

The Hall County Board of Education is listed as getting $18 million dollars.

So if Hall County is getting so much bailout money, why is the Hall County Legislative Delegation attacking Obama’s bailout plan? Shouldn’t they tell Sonny to shove the money

In addition to the education funds, Hall County is getting roughly $440,000 dollars. And the Hall Dawson CASA Program $34,000.

A Hall Property Pines LTD is getting $378,700. Why so much more than CASA? And who are they?

Interesting to note that $1.4 billion went to the Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC. That’s money not included in the state totals for Georgia. Maybe Savannah isn’t all in Georgia.

So if all the money was received, it would be a huge chunk of the state’s annual budget. Or, the annual school budgets in the Hall Area.

So why are these Hall County GOP leaders running for re-election with a slogan like, “I hate the Federal Government?”